Welcome to the Baltrusaitis Group

At the Baltrusaitis' Group, our research is focused on the identification and comprehension of the principles underlying heterogeneous catalytic processes, with a specific focus on nanostructured catalysts, including perovskites, metal hydroxide and (oxy)hydroxides, and metal oxide catalysts, as well as designing them for optimal performance. We are also passionate about achieving sustainable nutrient management which is important in ensuring a healthy balance for our planet. Ultimately, our research aims to contribute to the advancement of a better quality of life.

Our key areas of focus include:

  • Unraveling Reaction Mysteries: We explore the 'Why?' behind heterogenous catalytic reactions providing explanations for how and why these reactions occur.
  • Sustainable Green Chemistry: We are committed to green chemistry and utilize catalysts to valorize compounds like methane, ethanol, and biomass. 
  • Identifying Reaction Intermediates: We are interested in identifying and characterizing reaction intermediates that are essential in catalytic reactions.
  • Determining Reaction Sites: We also investigate catalytic surfaces to identify areas with high activities.

Our approach combines the powerful dynamics of both experimental (robust surface and bulk characterization techniques) and theoretical calculations (DFT) to fuel our quest for solution to problems in the field of sustainable catalysis.