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ChE/ME 376 Energy: Issues & Technology


Sustainable Energy Production, Environmental Effects, Economic Evaluations and Sustainability. Energy Sources (Fossil Fuels, Nuclear, Biomass, Geothermal, Hydropower, Solar, Ocean Waves & Tide, Thermal Energy Conversion and Wind). Storage, Transportation and Distribution of Energy. Literature & Patent Search Workshop. Student Projects to Enhance Lehigh Campus Sustainability

CHE 234 Process Design II


Dynamic simulation of the steady state structure obtained in CHE 233. Group design projects. Prerequisites: (CHE 211 and CHE 242 and CHE 244 and CHE233)

CHE 233 Process Design I


Design of chemical plants incorporating traditional elements of engineering economics and synthesis of steady-state flowsheets with (1) both heuristic and rigorous optimization methods and (2) consideration of dynamic controllability of the process. Economic principles involved in the selection of process alternatives and determination of process capital, operating costs, and venture profitability. Energy conservation, pinch techniques, heat exchanger networks, and separation sequences. Considerations of market limitations, environmental and regulatory restrictions, and process safety. Use of modern computer aided software for steady-state and dynamic simulation and optimization. Group design projects. Prerequisites: (CHE 211 and CHE 242 and CHE 244)